The Get It Right Guarantee

Getting engaged is stressful enough.
At Long's, finding the right ring is a sure thing.
If for any reason the ring you bought at Long's isn't her first choice, Long's will roll out the red carpet and work with her after the proposal to find the ring she prefers, within your budget. We will exchange the old ring, search the world for the right diamond and do everything we can to get it right to make her happy. You can be 100% confident that she'll end up loving her ring.
Who says there are no guarantees in life?
The Get It Right Guarantee, Exclusively at Long's Jewelers

Terms and Conditions: Valid for 30 days following your engagement ring purchase at Long’s, we will make a significant effort to find the engagement ring that your fiancée would prefer, within the same budget as the original ring or as specified by you. We will bring in diamonds from outside sources if necessary to ensure you will have a reasonable number of choices and we will exchange out your ring once for a different choice that meets her approval. In the event, we are not able to satisfy both of you, you will still be entitled to a refund per our 30 day return policy so there is no risk that you will get stuck with a ring she doesn't love. Diamonds and rings must be returned in pristine, re-saleable condition for full exchange or refund. Damaged or worn items are subject to a reconditioning fee at Long’s sole discretion. Custom designed pieces that are approved by customer before production are excluded.

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